A Day in the Life: Chewy Browne, CBO

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Hey everyone! It’s Chewy here. Before I accepted my position as CBO (Chief Barketing Officer) of the Andrew Perkins Real Estate Team, I didn’t know much about what it means to be a CBO. Due to my quick learning, charming personality and cuteness, I was able to learn the job quite quickly. I decided that I should outline what goes into being a CBO here, so that my fluffy friends can be ready when they are called to work too! If you are a doggie reading this, and your dream is to be a CBO someday, follow along for a behind the scenes look what goes into my day!



It’s always a little hard to get out of bed in the morning, especially when you have such comfy blankets and beds like I do. What motivates me to start my day is to eat a delicious breakfast of raw dog food. My favourite is Primal Nuggets, which my mom buys for me at the local Global Pet Foods Store


Next my mom or uncle Andrew takes me for a quick walk to get my brain flowing with new ideas for my job. I love going to the Halifax Common or Point Pleasant Park on the sunny days. When it’s raining, I prefer to sit with my blankey instead of going for my morning walk to brainstorm. 


Once I’ve came up with some new ideas to bring to work, I head to the office to bring those ideas to life. I like to set up my work space in my home, surrounded by my treats and favourite toys. When I am all set up, I connect with the Andrew Perkins Real Estate Team to bring them my ideas to grow our business. My most recent fantastic idea was to implement a charitable donation of $100.00 to the Nova Scotia SPCA for each home sold. To date, we have already raised $1400.00! 


When I am done brainstorming with the team, I travel with my mom to the Nova Scotia Health Authority to do my volunteer work. As a CBO, I do my best to make sure that I am always giving back to my community. At the Nova Scotia Healthy Authority, it is my duty to make sure everyone’s spirits are high, and everyone has a smile on their face. I have to say, I am pretty great at my job.



After my volunteer shift, it’s time to play! On beautiful days, I get to go for hikes to explore the wilderness, or meet up with my neighbourhood friends for some treats and playtime! Before I hit the great outdoors, my mom always takes me to my favourite coffee shop Narrow Espresso Bar. You can check out my blog post here to find out the best places that I recommend to take your furry friends on a hike! As the CBO, I firmly believe that life is a balance of work and play. 



When we have extra busy days at the office, I travel with my uncle Andrew to listing appointments, real estate photography appointments, colleague meetings and more. It’s so cool to see all the beautiful homes that other pets of Halifax live in! I can always tell when a family that we are working with has a pet, because there homes feel just like mine: cozy and comfortable! Sometimes I am even lucky enough to meet our clients’ pets and become their friends!



To wind down for the evening, I like to spend supper time on a patio near the Halifax Waterfront in the summer months, or home with my family in the winter months. Did you know that all patios in Halifax are dog friendly! That is one of the reasons that I love to call Halifax my home. 



When I am done dinner, I get to go on one more walk to get that last bit of exercise in before the day is done. If I don’t get time to go for my nightly walk, Sometimes my energy gets the best of me and I get the zoomies around my mom or uncle Andrew’s condos! On my nighttime walk, I reflect on all of the hard work I put into the day, and set my goals for tomorrow.



After my nighttime walk, it’s time to wind down for the night. Bedtime is my favourite part of the day because I get all the pets and the praise for the hard work I do in the daytime. It’s always great to hear you are doing a great job and being a good boy. To end my night, I get comfy and cozy again with my favourite blankey, and dream of all the adventures that await me!

If this kind of day sounds like the day for you, I encourage you to ask your family if you can be the CBO at their business! To follow more of my adventures, check me out on instagram @chewybrowne!


Until next time!

Chewy Browne