Best Halifax Parks for You and Your Dog!

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Hey everyone, it’s Chewy here. I am the CBO(Chief Barketing Officer) for Andrew Perkins Real Estate.  I wanted to tell you all about my favourite places to walk in Halifax.  My top five are the ones that I frequent all the time with my mom and uncle Andrew.  The last few are ones that I haven’t tried yet, but my doggie friends have told me they are great. If they are on this list, I am sure my mom will get me there soon.  

Let’s dig into my top 5!


[Pictured here is me and my mom!]


Point Pleasant Park

This is my number one park to go to.  I am the king of this park and all the other dogs know it.  My dog walker Tony takes me here most weekdays with his pack of dogs, and my uncle Andrew usually takes me on Wednesdays and or Fridays.  I love it here.  

A little bit about this park:  Point Pleasant Park is one of the most popular parks to go for stroll in Halifax. It is located on the Halifax Peninsula, in the South End. There are several off-leash areas, waterside trails, historic sites and wide-open areas to play fetch! I love to fetch my ball, and once I get it, you probably won’t get it back! There are some areas that are on-leash only, but I stay away from those. I like to roam free.  Always consult your park map before letting your pup run free. It is also good to note, that there is not a lot of freshwater spots along these trails, as Point Pleasant Park hugs the ocean. So, make sure to bring your dog some water for them to drink.  My parents always make sure they have water on hot summer days for me and I can’t thank them enough! 



Ashburn Golf Club

I live close to this golf course and I have to say it is awesome in the wintertime. There are so many wide-open spaces to run!

Ashburn Golf Course is a great place to bring your dog for a walk in the winter months. From December 15th until March 15th, this Members-only club opens its doors to the community’s dogs, allowing them to run free in the wide-open spaces that the club has to offer. There are some areas that they ask you not to tread on, but those are marked by being covered in tarps. Ashburn Golf Course is also located on the Halifax Peninsula.



Long Lake Provincial Park

My mom and her friend Natalie love to take me to this park on the weekends.   It’s usually packed with other doggies.  I love to sit by the water and chill out. 

This park is great for those hot summer days as there is a lot of water access. It is considered an on-leash park, however, I always see many pups roaming free. According to Dogventures, there have been owners ticketed here for off-leash pups, so do your moms and dads a favour and stay on your leash! There is a combination of dirt paths in the wooded areas, and newer trails that are wide and gravelled. A great park all around!



Duncan’s Cove

There is nothing better than feeling that fresh ocean breeze on my face.  My mom loves to take me here on the weekends.  It’s an amazing walk and I am always tuckered out after walking here. 

This hike is only for agile dogs like myself. It is a bit rugged, and there are some steep hills. If you are like me, and like a good challenge, check out Duncan’s Cove. There are beautiful views of the ocean, and cool war bunkers to check out! There are also areas with wide-open space great for showing off your speed. This hike will make you really feel like you are out of the city, and one with nature!



Halifax Common

My uncle Andrew lives close to the Commons and he takes me here when he doesn’t have time to take me to Point Pleasant Park.  We run around for a bit and then sit and bask in the sun and people watch. There are so many other doggies walking around that I can play and socialize with, although I am a little picky on who I play with...

The Halifax Common is the definition of an urban park. Situated in Downtown Halifax, the wide-open fields invite many downtown residents to read a book, play frisbee, or even better, bring their pups. There are tennis courts, baseball diamonds, a splash pad, a swimming pool, a playground and more! Did you know that the Halifax Common is Canada’s oldest Urban Park?



Crystal Crescent Beach Provincial Park

This is one of my favourite beaches ever. The white sand is always warm on my paws, and the clear water is great for splashing in. I like to burn my energy by hiking these fun trails with my mom!

Crystal Crescent Beach is located about 30 minutes outside of Central Halifax. The trails are on-leash but have great views and Instagram worthy spots to take pictures of your furry friends. The main trails pass three beaches, and so you have been warned, the third beach often doubles as a nude beach. The second beach is the most dog friendly, and allows for off-leash play!


I like to stick close to home, which is the Halifax area, but here are some other awesome places that my doggie friends have told me are great!



Shubie Park

I haven’t spent a lot of time in this park but I have heard good things from my fellow dog friends.  Shubie Park makes the list for its large off-leash dog areas, kilometres of tree-covered trails and beach areas. There are a ton of different entrances to get into Shubie Park, and there are lots of signs that will help guide you to the off-leash areas. Shubie Park is similar in its dog-friendliness to Point Pleasant Park but is located in Dartmouth near Dartmouth Crossing. This park is well maintained by the Halifax municipality, and has some lake access for your dog to take a dip!



Dartmouth Common

Another Dartmouth Dog-Friendly Park that is often overlooked is the Dartmouth Common. I do not visit this park too often as it is not near my home. From what I have heard, the Dartmouth Common is located in Downtown Dartmouth and has wide and beautiful off-leash dog areas. The Common is perfect for the fall, or any time when the air is crisp. There is not any water access so you may want to consider skipping the common on a hot summer day. With over 10 blocks of walking trails, 300 acres in perimeter and many open fields, your dog is sure to have a great time! Legend has it, that if you and your dog make it to the top of the hill, you will see a breathtaking view of Downtown Halifax across the water. I’ll be asking my mom to take me here soon to see for myself!



Hemlock Ravine Park

Located in Bedford, Hemlock Ravine Park is another park in Halifax that allows off-leash dogs. The difference at this park is off-leash dogs are only permitted during certain times of the day, and you usually have to walk about 10 minutes with your dog on-leash to get to the off-leash area. There are a few hours in the morning and evening each day that allow your pup to run free. This Park is well maintained by the Halifax Regional Municipality and makes a great area for your dog to explore year-round. Many of the trails border the ravines too for some beautiful water scenery. Bedford doggies, remember this park next time your parents ask you to go for a walk!



Herring Cove Provincial Park

Herring Cove Provincial Park is a great area to bring your pup if you want to experience the beautiful Nova Scotia Coast. There are views of the Halifax Harbour from the parking lot, and the trails are a little rugged: perfect for those dogs who like a hike and have a little extra energy to burn off. Just be aware, the trails are dog-friendly, but the actual beach is not, so if you want to run in the waves, you will have to choose another one of the many Halifax beaches!



Polly Cove Park

Polly Cove offers the same stunning views as Peggy’s Cove but typically has a little more privacy. There are lots of wildflowers for your dog to explore, and birds your dog will enjoying watching with you. This park is on-leash only, so just be sure to keep your pup’s close by and leashed up! Make sure to check out the abandoned war bunkers while you are hiking through.



Sackville Lake Provincial Park

This provincial park has great lake access and lots of trails that wander in and out of the forest to keep the scenery dynamic for your excited pup! This park is maintained by the municipality and very accessible. This park is accessible all year round is dog friendly but leash-only. It is a local go-to for many dog owners in the Sackville Area! Check this one out in the fall for some beautiful Halifax fall colours.




These are all of my favourite parks! If you see me there, be sure to say hi!

Chewy Browne

Chief Barketing Officer