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Before the rise of digital advertising, the REALTOR® Standard in any given listing was to stick a sign in the front of the yard, maybe pay for an ad in the local paper, and conduct an open house to get your home sold. This was all it took to find a buyer, as the traditional way of house shopping was to check the paper or drive around the city.


Now, everything has changed.


According to Matterport, a company with cutting-edge technology to advertise listings virtually, 90% of buyers across all demographics use mobile and web technology to narrow down their list of properties to consider.


Real estate listings with digital advertising content receive 403% more inquiries than those without.




92% of buyers search the internet before ever contacting a listing agent about a particular home.


The rise of digital advertising and technological advancements has completely moved the real estate advertising-game from a simple yard sign to 3D virtual tours, social media, email targeting, listing alert systems, video chat viewings and so much more.

As a homeowner, when it is time to sell your property, you need an agent who understands the importance of digital advertising in today’s market. Someone who will be able to execute advertising in all corners of the internet, and make your listing the most appealing to virtual buyers. Have a look below at how we have made digital listings and advertising our forte:




First, let’s talk about the virtual tour.


What is a virtual tour?


A virtual tour is an immersive, 360-degree view of your property. This technology allows buyers to click different points in the home, and the software will bring them through those rooms, similar to walking through in an in-person tour. Buyers can rotate the angles of their perspective to view everything they would view in real life, without leaving their computer.


Why does this matter?


Virtual Tours are changing the game of real estate. Now, buyers can tour properties before they even request a formal viewing. That way, when your listing does receive viewings, you are having buyers coming through that already know they are interested in your home. Virtual tours cut out a lot of the “browsing” folks, so you only need to prepare for qualified buyers booking viewings and stepping onto your property.


We offer all of our listings complimentary virtual tours of their homes, to help bring only motivated buyers to your door.



Social Media Marketing


Social media has impacted and changed all of our lives in the past two decades, and real estate is no different.


Social media is a great way to advertise your listing to thousands of people instantly. With our combined reach across social media platforms of over 3500 followers, many of these followers being buyers and other agents (who have access to different buyers), we take social media marketing very seriously. The minute your listing is live, we start marketing your property across social media, to make it go from reaching the MLS system to thousands more.

Our social media strategy includes multi-day posting at specific, timed intervals to ensure maximum exposure, a combination of photo and video content, and paid social media ads. Paid social media advertising reaches beyond our followers, to other users with interest in Halifax Real Estate.



Promo Videos


Our newest digital marketing strategy is to create promo videos for all of our listings. Many social media platforms which were traditionally only photo-based have switched to video being the predominant form of media over the past year. We keep track of current social media trends to ensure your listing is being advertised in the most beneficial way possible.

In these videos, we do a walkthrough of your listing, edited to catch users’ attention. That way, buyers who are not set up on any sort of listing alerts through a real estate agent, and can not access our virtual tours, will still get a walkthrough of your property prior to reaching out. This minimizes unmotivated buyers again, scheduling viewings and disrupting your day.



Email Marketing


Emailing is another powerful digital tool when marketing real estate. One of the most common ways to view new listings in today’s real estate market is through email listing alerts. Our team alone has over 4000 buyers receiving daily listing alerts in Halifax. Most, if not all of REALTORS’® automated listing alert systems are synchronized to the Nova Scotia MLS system, meaning as soon as your listing goes live, it is included in the following day’s listing alerts for any buyers with criteria matching yours.


Not only will your listing be marketed in this way, but we also take time to design additional marketing emails that target our database with every listing. These additional emails feature your listing’s professional photography, and all of its details and give potential buyers a clear means of reaching out to set up viewings. In these additional marketing emails, your listing stands alone to shine.



Monthly Newsletter


Another digital marketing strategy we have implemented to make your listings shine is our monthly newsletter. At the end of every month, we create an email campaign to send to our entire database of over 4000 contacts, with tons of information on what is currently happening in the Halifax Real Estate Market. You can check out our past issues here. When you list with us, your listing is featured in its own section of our newsletter. That way, if any of our contacts missed your listing in their daily alerts or our target email marketing, then they can also catch it at the end of the month. We get great responses every month from our newsletter - many of our contacts have told us they look forward to receiving it.


These are just some of the ways we ensure your listing stands out online. Digital marketing is important now more than ever in Real Estate. 


Ready to sell your home? Work with us today!


Author: Jordan Gunn
Licensed Real Estate Assistant
Keller Williams Select Realty
The Andrew Perkins Real Estate Team