Andrew Perkins
Keller Williams Select Realty


I began my on-line search for a condo in the HRM a couple of years before I was actually able to make the move back from Ontario a reality.  Andrew's name was frequently mentioned.  I next researched his background, experience, and others' testimonials. Despite having no concrete date for my move, Andrew got back to me straight away and showed me a few units the next time I was in Halifax.  I continued to review his listings and when the time came for me to move, he accommodated my busy schedule, answered my many questions, provided exceptional service, and found me the perfect condo.

Andrew is personable, honest, patient, extremely knowledgeable, and fun.  House hunting is stressful.  It did not seem stressful working with Andrew.  No step was overlooked and his expert guidance was very welcomed.

Dawn Pickering, Condo Buyer, 2019


I hired Andrew because he was patient, he listened to what I said was important to me in a property, he showed me properties that matched what I was looking for and he was honest in his advice and recommendations.  I most appreciated his patience and honesty.

There was nothing else Andrew could have done better. He was a great help and I couldn’t have done it without him, literally!

Jennifer McCarron, Home Buyer, 2019


Having worked with Andrew before I knew who to call.  Andrew was patient, kind and kept me grounded. He always was calm when I was stressed. Andrew really went above and beyond.  A ++++.

Lisa Shulman, Home Buyer, 2019


"Closing in on a property is an emotional roller coaster and Andrew's calm demeanour is exactly what we needed to snag a beautiful slice of the South End. During our search he was critical of homes, happy to play devils advocate, and gives an honest opinion - even if it differed from our own.

He has all the fundamentals as a realtor covered, punctual to showings, experienced in the HRM market, accessible all hours of the day,  and happy to communicate in any medium. One of the highlights was giving us the names of 2 excellent - and picky - contractors to compliment the home inspection.
I don't have to think twice on who to use the next time I need to buy or sell"
Mark Dunkley & Dominic Babin-Muise - Home Buyers 2019
We had been searching for a condo in the uptown area; Andrew was able to identify an upcoming property that met our needs and proactively set up a time for us to get in to view the unit as soon as possible. This ultimately allowed us to get a beautiful unit that we are very happy with. Andrew was very responsive and accessible and helped us alleviate concerns we had; this helped make the process as easy as possible.

Rebecca & Ross - Condo Buyers


We hired Andrew for our investment property because of how well he worked with us on our home purchase.

Andrew is honest and easy-going. He offered advice and help when asked, and always listened when it's time to listen. He was not pushy in the least.
Clearly he worked hard for the both of us to succeed.  All that together puts my mind at ease that he is working hard to find us the best opportunity.

Jeff and Maylia Parker - Investment Property Buyer


When I first purchased my condo I did some research to find out who knew about condos. I kept finding Andrew’s name. Andrew helped us examine thoughtfully all the options available and guided us through the painless purchase of a great condo. So now, 7 years later, when we decided it was time to sell the condo and buy a house, I never considered calling anyone else (although I have good friends who are real estate agents!) I knew selling the condo would be the more challenging transaction, and Andrew knows condos better than anyone! When it came to guiding us through the things to consider in our house purchase, again Andrew skillfully and objectively coached us and now we are happily ensconced in a house we love.

Charlene Boyce & Todd Denton - Condo Sellers, Home Buyers


I had been researching condos in Halifax while living in Toronto and knew I needed a knowledgeable agent who would advocate for me. After speaking to Andrew numerous times on the phone I felt very comfortable hiring him.
I visited Halifax 3 times during my condo search and each visit Andrew was professional, kind and understanding. He listened to me and went the extra mile. He met my sister in law, talked to my brother and my friends on the phone several times and even let the movers in. It was a pleasure working working with Andrew. I am beyond thrilled with my new condo.

Lisa Shulman - Condo Buyer


I chose to work with Andrew after meeting for our first viewing. I had contacted him after getting his number from a listing.
I am not a first time home owner,  and I have seen the difference between being mediocre and someone who excels in their job. Andrew is the latter.
Being in Sales myself, I can very much appreciate the ability to handle customers or clients in a way that is best suited for that individual.

Andrew Perkins was very attuned to our needs versus wants, and to our likes and dislikes.  My husband and I had a large scale of options we were considering; price, homes, townhouses, and even condos were on the table.  Andrew found places in neighborhoods that met all of our criteria, and happily showed us more when it wasn't the right fit.
Most of all, I appreciated Andrew's honesty.  He was great at pointing all the features and benefits, but also potential flaws that may not have been ideal for us.  Andrew founds us the perfect home, in the perfect area.  We couldn't be happier, and I enjoyed going through this experience with such a professional and personable person.

Richard and Danielle Sanford - Home Buyers


Andrew is very professional with an awesome personality which always made me feel at ease and confident throughout the entire process. He always answered any questions and returned messages very quickly and on top of any requests to view homes and always there with great advice. It was definitely a process from start to finish with me (beginning the search with condos and ending up in a house over a few months) I can say he was always there 100% committed to helping me find the right fit for me. I can't thank him enough. It was a totally awesome experience!

Chris Brothers - Home Buyer


I looked for a condo specialist in the Halifax market, and evaluated many property agent websites. It was clear that Andrew's approach was uniquely customized to his client's needs and priorities, and that gave me great confidence in him - which, of course, was well justified. Outstanding testimonials from past clients was the icing on the cake, and made it very easy to choose Andrew as my agent.

Many service aspects distinguished his approach from that of other property agents - starting with his no pressure approach. I really valued his methodical approach to evaluating the local market, knowledge of available units, and ability to quickly identify quality candidate properties based on my needs and priorities.  Most importantly, and because I was heading out of the country and faced significant time constraints, Andrew's ability and willingness to handle closing details, connect me with tradespeople, and ensure everything was in order were absolutely outstanding. His attention to detail was incredibly reassuring and made this a very positive experience.

Margie Kennedy - Condo Buyer


This is the second property I have purchased with Andrew and what I appreciate most of all is his honesty.  Andrew pointed out the negatives on several listings and steered us away from making a bad decision.  He was always working in our best interest!

Andrew is easy to work with and is quick to respond to calls and questions.  He has integrity and is very professional in his work.

We sincerely trusted Andrew to help us make the right decision as his client's interest are foremost.  When we are ready to sell we will get in touch again.  Thanks so much!

Donna Smyth - Condo Buyer


We heard nothing but good things about Andrew. On our first meeting it was apparent that he was very knowledgable about the market with lots of experience under his belt. He managed to answer all our questions and respond to all our concerns with honesty and proven facts.

We truly appreciate Andrew's honesty. We felt he was on our side all the way, providing us with his unbiased opinion and guiding us through out our purchase. He was also very patient and managed to keep up with our busy schedules with ease. He was always available when needed. And finally, he knew exactly what we wanted and helped us find the perfect place!

He was absolutely fantastic!

Ahmed and Maha Alsayed - Condo Buyer


As a somewhat anxious and young first time home buyer, Andrew explained things clearly and comprehensively which kept stress levels low and the process much more exciting! I felt he was honest in his recommendations and he genuinely looked out for my best interest. Even though I was out of province, he did all he could to make the process run smoothly.

I really enjoyed the organization of his website, it was clear and easy to follow, and he was prompt with responding to emails - no matter the abundance of questions I may have had.

I couldn't have asked for a better Realtor - genuine, knowledgable, and honest!

Ellen Woodworth - Condo Buyer


Andrew came recommended from family, and from the very moment that we made contact with him, he was our partner in making sure the deal went through as stress-free as possible. We were first time home buyers who were understandably quite nervous and new to the whole process, and he instantly made us feel like he would help us through all the steps easily. He made buying our house feel more exciting.

We really enjoyed the amount of reassurance he provided throughout the process. Buying a home is one of the most stressful things you can undertake, and if you are unfamiliar with the process even more so. He instantly upon being contacted had the whole process ready to go mentally, he explained every step and he made sure he was always there to provide another voice of opinion or explain what we had to do next. We could not have asked for a better agent.

Max and Ali Hebert - First time home buyers


As I began trying to find condo options, I felt pretty lost up until I landed on Andrews's website. It might not be the most beautiful looking site, but it gets the job done and made everything much easier. I reached out to Andrew through his website, after utilizing his fantastic search options, and through our brief initial contact I felt comfortable having Andrew help me with my search and eventual purchase.

We enjoyed Andrew's straight forward and honest approach. While Andrew was always available to give advice when asked, we never felt any pressure to purchase. From start to finish Andrew was there to guide us through the process. 

Andrew's honesty cannot be emphasized enough. He always gave me his honest opinion about each unit, both good and bad. That was critical in providing enough trust between us to come to a decision. In addition to his honesty, the ease of which my purchase went through (especially considering most of it was long distance) with Andrew guiding us through the process start to finish.

Adel Helmi - Condo Buyer


Amazing amazing amazing! Always answered every question I asked within a few minutes! Super friendly. Catered to my need to look at a million places in a few days. And helped me find a dream condo, understood everything I needed and found me my "home" that I am forever in love with.Thanks for everything! Highly recommend!!

Krista Vey - Condo Buyer


We enjoyed Andrew's straight forward and honest approach. While Andrew was always available to give advice when when asked, we never felt any pressure to purchase. From start to finish Andrew was there to guide us through the process.

Bill and Lisa Milliken - Condo BuyerX2


Andrew understood what we were looking for to purchase and spent the entire weekend with us.  We went to several houses many times! make sure we were purchasing the right property.  Andrew was very knowledgable about the area of the University and all the pros and cons. 

I appreciated the contact information Andrew gave us for hookups for Hydro, Gas and WIFI.  It made the purchase a lot easier, especially purchasing a home at a distance.

My husband and I would definitely contact Andrew again if we purchase another property.  We will recommend Andrew to anyone we know who is interested in purchasing property in Halifax. 
Thanks again for all your help. 

Dave and Joyce Huck - Home Buyers


"Andrew was very responsive. Typically available by phone and very reactive. Personable, honest, efficient."

Rob and Janice Sutherland, Condo Buyer

"It was very easy, through Andrew, to access all the services that we required to finalize our purchase. Whether it was legal counsel or getting information on such things as window coverings, Andrew made it an easy task."

​Russell and Ann Macdonald - New Construction Condo Buyers


​"Andrew was very accommodating and only showed us condos that were in the range of our interests, in type, amenities and location. There was one in particular that seemed to us to be the right condo, in the right building, in the right location for us. After we returned to Calgary and later made the offer, we felt Andrew represented us well. He was always helpful and willing to do little things, that were huge for us given we were thousands of kilometres away. We felt that he always acted in our best interests. As issues arose during the process, none of them his doing, he was always there to help and even came up with solutions along the way. In the end, we were delighted with our purchase and with Andrew's assistance along the way"

Gary and Kimberly Draper - Out of town Condo Buyers